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Our clinic has recently invested in all new laboratory equipment to provide quick and accurate diagnostic information.  Our high-definition digital radiograph suite is used to diagnose everything from disc disease, bladder stones, heart disease, cancer checks, orthopaedic injuries, and even the odd sock-itis (yep, 1 in 3 lab puppies can have this diagnosis!!!).

  • New diagnostic machines that can provide our doctors with near instant and accurate test results, whether for routine monitoring or emergency medicine
  • Abaxis HM5 for complete blood counts in dogs, cats, and small mammals
  • Abaxis VS5 for accurate organ function screening
  • Automated Urinalysis machines (UA and SA)
  • HD Digital Radiography Suite (Heska)
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This silly dog ate a bunch of wire that required an exploratory to remove. He's back running with his owner in North Bay, up to his old antics!

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