Ticks Ticks Ticks

Ticks Ticks Ticks

Ticks Ticks Ticks

Ticks, Ticks, Ticks! Wow, have our dog and cat patients ever encountered so many ticks?! We know it’s stressful with the risk of Lyme disease in the area now, but the risk to your pet is extremely low if the tick is removed within 48hrs of biting. If you think the tick has been feeding longer than this before you discover the nasty little thing, remove the tick and do one of two things:
1. bring the tick in for identification ($10) and if it’s a black-legged tick (deer tick), we’ll perform a blood test ($80) on your pet in 8 weeks to make sure they aren’t infected.
2. submit the tick to our laboratory and test the tick to see if it’s a carrier of any of the 4 tick-borne diseases ($185).

Obviously the best advice we can give is to get your dog or cat on a tick preventative, like Simparica. Give us a call or come on in and our staff can help get your pet on a tick and flea preventative that gives you peace of mind. (please note: provincial regulations require us to have seen your pet within the past 12 months in order to sell medication, including parasiticides).

If you want to be sure your dog hasn’t been exposed to tick-borne diseases over the season, we’d recommend a 4Dx blood test which screens for Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, and Heartworm disease (mosquito-borne).

COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols

COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols

We have implemented changes to our protocols in order to keep our staff and our clients safe during the pandemic. We are minimizing the number of people that enter our facility, so please Call reception when you arrive in the Parking Lot (705) 752-4550 or (705) 491-9933.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our small animal hospital is still open on a limited basis to provide ongoing care for our patients.  Our hours of operation have been reduced and the number of pets we can see on a daily basis is reduced in order to follow best practices of social distancing and disinfecting. Our waiting room has been re-configured to

satisfy social distancing best practices, and we have 4 exam rooms.

We would ask that only 1 person accompany their pet into our facility, and Please CALL when you’re in the Parking Lot before coming in so that we can best welcome you and your pet safely into our clinic. If one of our staff members brings your animal into the clinic, rest assured we will communicate via phone about your

 pet and any treatment recommendations.

If you are picking up medication or food, PLEASE CALL from the PARKING LOT and we would be happy to deliver your order to the car for you.  We can take credit card info over the phone, eTransfers, and remote point-of-sale.

If you are coming to the clinic to pick up medication, food, or an Online Order, please call reception when you arrive in the Parking Lot and we would be happy to bring your order out to the car for you!

Please consider ordering through our WebStore and selecting Home Delivery!

If you haCOVID-19 Pandemic Protocolsve an emergency, please call us at (705) 752-4550.  If we aren’t open, our voice mail will tell you which clinic is on call and give you their contact number.

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