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For the safety of our staff, our front door is now locked.  We are open but we ask that you please call (705) 752-4550 or (705) 491-9933 when you’re in the parking lot.  (If cell technology isn’t possible for you, feel free to rely on your best knock-knock technology at our front door.)  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We are fortunate that veterinary services have been deemed an essential service.  Over these past few weeks we have been adapting and updating our protocols based on directives from the Ministry of Health and the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO).  We have reduced our hours, reduced the number of patients we see on a daily basis, and have cancelled elective procedures. The staff and vets at our clinic have been working diligently to increase biosecurity in the building to ensure our clients and our staff stay safe.  Luckily our renovations are complete so we have been making good use of our 4 exam rooms and the spacious waiting room to ensure social distancing.

Unfortunately we have had to make some significant changes to our protocols and procedures during this pandemic that will impact you.  The front door will now be locked, requiring you to call us from the parking lot when you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medication or food.  Phone (705) 752-4550 or (705) 491-9933.  One of our staff will come out to bring your pet into the hospital and our vets will communicate with you by phone. We recognize that this is a significant change and may feel a little awkward.  We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

If you have a sick animal, don’t hesitate to call the clinic and we will be able to help. The good news remains that our hospital is still open and can provide urgent care for our patients.

New challenges bring new innovations and we are excited to be able to offer Telemedicine Consults where an in-person visit is not possible.  Please call or email the clinic to inquire about a Telemedicine consult and we will do our best to accommodate.

In these difficult times the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) has seen fit to relax the guidelines around flea and tick medication so that you can protect your pet as the weather warms up.  You can order these medications through our online store as long as we’ve seen your pet in the past 24 months. Online prescription orders can be picked up at the clinic or you can arrange for us to mail it to your home.

If you are picking up medication or food, please call from the parking lot and we will be happy to deliver your order to the car for you.  We can take credit card info over the phone, eTransfers, or remote point-of-sale.  Please consider using our online store: and check out the home delivery options!

We will continue to adapt based on CVO and the Ministry of Health recommendations so please check our website regularly. 

Thank you and look after yourself and your neighbours!

Dr Neil, Dr Nancy, Dr Steve and the Callander Animal Hospital staff

During office hours, we will do our very best to accommodate urgent cases.  Please give us a call and our receptionists will consult with a veterinarian who can then prepare for your arrival.  After 3PM we typically do not have the staff to quickly deal with emergencies and will likely re-direct you to the On-Call Clinic.

There are 7 clinics in the North Bay and Callander area who make up our on-call group.  This service is only available for clients of these 7 clinics.  We will do our best to accommodate emergencies from visitors in the area, but please call first.

In case of emergency, please call (705) 752-4550. If the clinic is closed, our answering machine will direct you to call the clinic that is on-call for us that night or weekend.  You will make contact with the on-call vet who will coordinate care for your pet.

We are inspected and certified by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.  We are members of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology. We can also establish a VPCR (veterinary-patient-client relationship) to beekeepers in order to prescribe oxytet.  

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, eTransfer, Cash, and credit cards over the phone.  Payment in full is expected when services are provided.


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Updated 03.29

Our Policies may continue to change based on recommendations from the CVO and the Ministry of Health. Please call or email before you arrive.

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